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Old postage stamps have recently come into my life with an important meaning. I have just inherited my Grandad’s stamp collection. A collection that he has put together over a number of years and clearly was very passionate about. As you can imagine I am incredibly proud at been given his old postage stamps collection and and this article is in part my tribute to him and his collection. Postager

So why I inherited his old postage stamps collection and not other members of my family? Well the reason is that when I was younger I used to sit with him on his bed when his latest set arrived, TheRussia whether that be a first day cover or presentation pack and I would watch him mount the stamps.

I have to admit that I do not remember an awful lot of these experiences but apparently I loved doing this with him. He always said that the stamp collection would belong to me at some point. I then sort of forgot about the collection until recently when my Nan started telling me about it. Rottenpanda

So I decided that I wanted to take a more active role with it and add to the collection myself. I now have the old postage stamps collection in my bedroom which I plan to catalogue.

I have been thinking about how I could add my bit to the collection. I want this to be some kind of tradition in my family. My Grandad has many albums of old postage stamps. But I think that if I could add one album then pass it on to another member of my family then over time we would have built into a fantastic collection that spans many generations. Jetfuelmeals

Also if each of us adds a bit our own personality to it then it should tell a story. I can imagine how great it would feel if I inherited an album which say covered 500 hundred years old of my family. Well one of my descendants will inherit something like that one day.

So what am I going to do now? Well I am first going to catalogue them. I am going to buy a book on old postage stamps from Amazon or Ebay, one where it contains all the previous stamp editions. autoverkopen24

I will then go through my Grandad’s entire old postage stamps collection and tick off each one.

I know that he has some unusual stamps which probably won’t be in the books but I am sure that most will be covered. By unusual I mean from abroad which he must have bought specially or would have been bought for him by friends and family on holiday.

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My first idea to add to the collection is to get First Day Covers for my close family. I think that this will be a way of including the whole family in this experience. I will then get a First Day Cover for important aspects of our family’s life, things like moving house, newborns and marriage etc. It will then tell a story and also continue the theme of First Day Covers in his albums. My Grandad obviously loved First Day Covers. It is a great way of documenting things because of the date on the envelopes.

And then… well I want to do something a bit different, I want a little theme. My Grandad obviously loved old postage stamps relating to Christmas time. I can tell this because there are often duplicates of these stamps. I thought about getting a special Christmas one as a tribute to him.

I myself like castles so I am thinking about getting old postage stamps about castles. That could be my theme.

Discover all about my Grandad’s old postage stamps [http://www.oldpostagestamps.net]. I really want to add to his old postage stamp collection. I’m sure that it will be an interesting story and I hope to share my old postage stamps [http://www.oldpostagestamps.net/old-postage-stamps/old-postage-stamps] journey with you.



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