Dirty Text Messages – Tantilize With Text

Would you like to send a dirty text message to your boyfriend, but don’t know where to start?  Text messages can be a great way to practice talking dirty without actually being face to face with your partner.  And just think of all the fun.  You both can have going back and forth with a little tantalizing text.

By practicing in this way, you have the time to think about what you want to say.  You have just the right words to get his thoughts racing about what you are up to.  You can send a text message at any time.  So you don’t need to worry about interrupting an important meeting that a normal phone conversation could cause.

What should you say in your dirty text message?  Take advantage of saying things you may not be comfortable saying in person.  Not only does this build up your own confidence, dirty text to make her wet but it can be intoxicating to your partner as he makes his way through the day thinking about you.  You can build up to more tantalizing messages throughout the day, so that by the time.  He is set to come home key will be hot with desire and inpatient to get his hands on you.

Some examples of talking dirty that you can use in a text could include discussing what you would like to do to him and him to you, telling him there thinking about him and miss him and can’t wait to kiss and cuddle.  As you build up.  You can encourage him to join and by asking what he would like to do to you.

Dirty talk can be a wonderful enhancement to any relationship.  It creates a bond and revitalizes a stale sex life.  It is a natural thing that you do not need to feel embarrassed about, and with time, naughty talk and sending a dirty text message becomes easier.  Especially, when you see the effect it will have on your boyfriend.



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