Benefits Of Ricoh Copiers

Ricoh is one of the most trusted copier brands available in the market place. The company is known for its high quality products, husamjandal excellent service and a wide network of dealerships across the countries it operates in. The company also owns Lanier Worldwide, an American company that offers complete document management solutions. Lanier printers are designed to meet the daily needs of the businesses, offices, ricoh-printer large corporations and individuals. These printing devices are fast and very convenient to use. They are best suited for mid size businesses that find higher volume systems costly and the lower end systems unable to deliver high quality resolution and performance. newsbreak

Lanier Features

Lanier copiers offer high quality document solutions that are quick and affordable. Whether it is full color or black and white, you can expect quick and easy delivery within no time. These devices combine affordability and versatility to come up with an entirely new product catering to a hitherto untouched segment in the market place. mastermovers

Many small and medium sized firms prefer these digital copiers because they come with a host of features that add value to their business. Firstly, these copy devices can deliver you a copy within ten seconds. That’s pretty fast, isn’t it? Likewise, it includes a full bleed printing and copying feature. The simple editing features allow you to manipulate the documents according to your needs. An optional 20 bin stapler is provided for giving your documents a finishing touch. Similarly, an auto duplex unit will help you work both sides of a page.

Why Opt for Lanier Copiers?

Well, these digital copiers can deliver 22 copies within a minute, irrespective of whether it is black and white or color copies. The resolution of 600 dpi in the: Lanier 5722 includes all kinds of texts and graphics. Further, its fully optional network printing module allows you to access various document management solutions directly from your computer. Another aspect that enables Lanier to stand out in the market is its large distribution network. This enables the company to provide a wide range of document solutions to individuals, small businesses and large corporations in an affordable and efficient manner. For more info visit these sites:, shorpnews.

Last but not the least; Lanier has a very strong service network. This means if your copy machine needs any repairs or maintenance, help is close by. Call up your local copier service so that they are able to take care of your system and get it up and running within no time. Finally,enables you to enjoy high quality document management solutions and also save some money for your business.



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