Mobile Apps For Customers to Find Mobile Detailers Make Sense

Back in the mid-1990s, I ran a franchising company which franchised mobile carwashes and mobile detailing trailers. Back then, Mobile detailing service Billings I was intrigued by Bill Gates’ speech at Comdex, the big show in Las Vegas for all of the personal tech of the day. He foretold a time where everyone would be using their mobile devices, fully connected to the Internet, and having information at their fingertips in real-time. He believed that would occur within the next five years. He spoke a little prematurely. Nevertheless, I would like to discuss how this might help you in your mobile detailing business in the future.

You see, Microsoft probably would’ve come out with their own brand of Internet mobile phones had it not been for the Federal Communications Commission or FCC deciding to auction off some of those remaining frequency spectrum bands, rather than granting them to Microsoft to bring forth this new technology. Today, it seems rather hilarious that anyone would have believed that Bill Gates was wrong, weight loss calculator because today we have all those mobile tech devices, with the Apple iPhones, the Android phones, and all the apps developed for just about anything.

Back in 1995, I was gearing up towards that future, also believing it would come in the next five years, and we actually made pages on our website that loaded extremely quickly, all set up for mobile smart phones. I envisioned that our mobile auto detailing and mobile carwasher crews would have a geo-point as they drove around the city and work in various parking lots. Thus, Surf Lessons when a customer was driving around, they could look on their phone as to where our franchisee was working, and drive into the parking lot, and get their carwashed on the spot.

Indeed, my estimation was this would be a perfect way for our mobile businesses to compete with fixed site carwashes and detail shops which were always in the same place. We believe that our customers love our service so much, Artificial Grass that they would come and find us. After all we we’re talking about automobiles services, the client is also mobile, as we are cleaning their cars.

I can’t tell you how many times we went to people’s homes to detail their car, but they weren’t home, because they were driving their car around, when we showed up for their weekly wash service, driving all the way over there, only to find out that they hadn’t returned home yet, still driving their dirty car around the city. insurance agency

What we need is for the industry to develop smart phone apps for both the iPhone, and Android phones so that people can find their favorite mobile detailer, or mobile carwash while they work. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it. Blk Kat Carts



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