5 Most Popular Costumes For 2009

It’s that time of the year again, imi9bet as we turn our thoughts to New Years Eve parties. Everyone wants to wear a costume that stands out in the crowd, so why not choose from one of our most popular costumes of 2009. In this article we will give the reader ideas on how to go that extra mile by adding an extra accessory or a touch of make up to complete any outfit.

In 2009 these were some of the most asked for costumes of the year. We have seen our customers don vampire outfits due to the movie and book hit Twilight and ‘The Joker’ from the Dark Knight has been another very popular choice. With high teas being in vogue, customers were choosing ‘The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ theme from the book Alice in Wonderland to showcase characters for e.g. Alice, The Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts. Lastly Shrek from the children’s movie sequel & ‘Jack Sparrow’ from Pirates of the Caribbean were still ever popular. joker681

Twilight Characters

1. Costumes from the Twilight movie series can be hard to emulate as most of the characters like Bella & Edward wear everyday clothing. To stay in keeping with their mysterious & untouchable personas they portray, try adding a wig, fangs & make up.

Puncture mark tattoos make an outstanding addition to any vampire character. joker78

The Joker

2. Actor Heath Ledger played a very malevolent character called ‘The Joker’ in the movie the Dark Knight. What stood out with this character is his make up and stringy dirt like green hair.

Apply white face paint to the entire face, outline & enlarge the lips with red lipstick or red face paint and outline the eyes & eyebrows with black face paint.

Alice in Wonderland Characters

3. The traditional looking characters from Alice in Wonderland are a thing of the past; teenagers now opt for cute and sexy versions of these characters. Alice & Queen of Hearts costumes have become shorter in length and are teamed with sexy stockings or long socks and high heeled shoes for a finishing touch. Even the Mad Hatter now has a twist with girls choosing to dress in brightly coloured short dresses, pggame365 coloured herringbone socks, big outrageous bow ties and the still very traditional looking tall hat.


4. Where would a modern day fairytale be without its lovable Shrek dressed in his brown trousers, beige shirt and brown undersized vest? There are some amazing latex masks to choose from these days or perhaps painting the face would be more of an option.

Apply bright green body paint to the whole face, neck and hands and stick on green ears as the final touch.

Jack Sparrrow

5. What guy doesn’t want to dress as a modern day pirate like the eccentric Jack Sparrow from the sequel Pirates of the Caribbean? What makes this costume stand out is his use of sashes tied around the waist, medallions, coin belts and let’s not forget his odd looking beaded beard & black moustache. For more info visit these sites: 168galaxy

As a final finishing touch, apply heavy dark makeup around the eyes for that slightly sinister look.

So for your next party, consider wearing any one of these costumes and just remember if you are hiring, get in early due to high demand.

Upcoming movies for 2010 will be Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, Toy Story 3, Conan and once again Alice in Wonderland so these are some of the costume themes we can expect to see next year.



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