BMW Used Cars – The 3 Series and 5 Series

BMW 3 Series used cars:

The BMW 3 series is the German automakers pride and joy, this is their best-selling vehicle and when you take one out to test drive, you can understand why. BMW used cars like the 3 series models are a luxury sedan that has a “Formula One” feel to it. It truly is a car that has both racing and luxury written all over it. This four door model is BMW’s entry into the luxury sedan market place.

There are several different 3 series models to choose from, one of their more popular models is the 328i. We looked at this BMW from 2002 and found it to have a 2.8-litre, six-cylinder engine, with 193 horsepower. We also found fuel statistics for the BMW 328i; it had an 11.3-litre, Wbseries Media per 100km, for city driving and 7.2-litre, per 100km, for highway driving. BMW used cars like this particular 3- series model is a very poplar used car and it’s suggested in various BMW website forums, that the 3 series is the best reliable vehicle they have in their fleet of cars and SUV’s.

BMW 5 Series used cars:

As like the 3 series models, the 5 series has many different versions to choose from as well. Will take a look at the BMW 5 series models from 2008. In 2008 the BMW 528i had a 3.0-litre, 230 horsepower engine. The 535i had a 3.0-litre, 300 horsepower engine and both these models are all- wheel drive. The 550i is the fastest out of all of them, it as a V8, 4.8-litre engine. There is also a 5 series with the M package; this is part of BMW’s M-series and this vehicle can move. The M-5 looks like any other 5 series except for what’s under the hood, it has a 5.0-litre, V10 engine, and produces 500 horsepower.

The only fuel economy statistics I could find were on the M-5. It had a whopping 19.9-litre per 100km for city driving and 11.9-litre, per 100 km for highway driving. This vehicle only drives on premium gasoline, so if you buy one used, you better be prepared to pay at the pumps. It was only given an average rating as a used car by a leading automotive website I went too. There are complaints about its transmission and its complicated electronic module.



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