Writing Headlines That Work the Facebook Ads Way

It is so important to take the time to work on your ad’s headline. Your headline is the second most important part of your ad. It sets people up to take action on your site- to subscribe, get involved, or buy your product or service. It should summarize in just a few words the whole purpose of your ad. cruise booking Make sure you keep your headlines succinct and get rid of all unnecessary words.

Unless you have copywriting experience or training, it is a good idea to read up on the subject before you begin. Two resources I highly recommend are copyblogger and John Carlton’s fantastic site. Both offer free information as well as excellent paid trainings. agenzia web marketing roma

I learned a lot from Robert Bly’s book, The Copywriter’s Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Copy That Sells. I have been experimenting with some of his lessons and they’ve been working very well on Facebook.

Bly outlines eight different types of headlines: ageniza comunicazione bologna


In this type of headline you’re telling people exactly what is offered. The price or specific deal is made clear and the user is mentally prepared that you’re asking them to buy something: verified members la

“Overnight Hotel 30% Off” or “Instant Savings Today”


Spark curiosity with sayings that have double meanings or mean something different to different people:

“Plenty of Fish in the Sea” or “Take a Load Off”


Make a newsworthy statement: cake labs

“Introducing… ” or “New & Improved”


If you’ve got a product that solves a problem, tell them that. You can’t really go wrong with this one:

“How to Bake a Cake” or “How to Get Fit”


Ask a question related to your product. This works because you’re engaging people; Questions automatically provoke a response:

“Are You Paying Too Much?” or “Are You Making This Mistake?”


This headline is a call to action. Think bold statements that tell people exactly what to do:

“Click on This Ad Now!” or “Hit ‘Like’ to Join Our Page”


List posts are great. Think of a problem that your product or service addresses and make a list of things (including your product) that solve that particular problem. Then create a landing page with the list:

“Five Ways to Save Money on Insurance” or “7 Steps to a Great Logo”


These can be so powerful on Facebook. A client or customer writes a testimonial related to your product and you use it along with their image (with their permission, of course!) in your ad.

I encourage you to experiment with all of these. Writing headlines takes creativity, brainstorming, and time but you will be rewarded for your efforts. A good headline can get you a lot of clicks but a bad one will turn people away.



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