Dog Photos Into Dog Paintings – Is it the Right Dog Lover Gift For You?

If you are looking for a wonderful dog gift for someone you care about or even for yourself, choosing a dog painting is a great idea. Plus, you don’t have to choose a dog portrait painting of some unfamiliar member of your favorite breed. Instead, you can have a pet portrait made of your own favorite puppy. Here are some tips to help you make this happen.

Choose High Quality Photos

First, you need to choose a photograph of your pet that you would want captured on canvas and displayed in your home. That’s probably going to be a huge challenge. Considering almost any photograph will work that can make this even more challenging.

The photo you do choose should be one that can be submitted in its highest quality form possible. That way the finished dog lover gift is going to look its best. Even if you’re not sure how best to capture your photographs in digital form, you can always go to copy companies which can usually provide scanning services for a small fee. Dog Portraits

Choosing the Correct Background?

For a dog portrait photo this may be important. For a hand painted dog portrait painting, this is Never an Issue. The pet portrait artist can easily paint your pet or dog in a brand new background of your particular interest. It can be a studio background complete with studio lighting, and all this without the studio. It can be a background in the park, and no need for the park. The ideas are countless. What is important is this. The recipient of this dog lover gift will without a doubt be overjoyed.

Pick the Correct Orientation

Your dog portrait is going to look its best if you choose the correct orientation. That means whether you want the finished oil painting to be in landscape or portrait orientation. While the final choice is yours, you might want to experiment by changing the view of your photo on your computer before sending it off.

The orientation you choose will also determine how this dog gift can be hung on your wall. Landscape is going to require a wider spot. While a portrait orientation for your dog lover gift will need a taller space.




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