Five Great Reasons to Invest in Document Scanning Services

An investment in document scanning services can benefit your company in a number of ways. The process means that large numbers of documents can be scanned in a day – realistically up to 500,000 can be scanned in a day due to the speed at which the specialist scanners work.

Waste less office space

Storing paper files like business communications, articles of interest, receipts, purchase orders, drawings, microfiche and invoices takes up a lot of space at your workplace. Worse, the amount of space you need keeps growing as you generate more and more paper. 3d scanning service

Why not scan these documents? It’s fast, easy and cost-effective. For example, 500,000 sheets can easily be scanned in a day, perhaps more depending on their size and content. Just imagine how many filing cabinets that would enable you to get rid of! You’d also save a significant amount of floor space and can even potentially lower your building costs accordingly.

Reduce Administration Costs

According to research, one office worker can use up to 45 minutes per day searching for lost files or documents that have been filed incorrectly. If your documents are scanned and managed using specialist software, they will be available to access immediately at the touch of a button, Britannia Distributorship

Studies show that a team of ten staff could realistically save over ¬£1,000 by implementing document scanning. This is a significant saving for any SME. Over an even larger company, it’s easy to see what a significant impact this could have on a business’s bottom line.

Manage risk

Given recent disasters such as floods and fires which have significantly affected companies’ ability to carry on trading it’s important that business continuity plans are implemented. For example, how would your firm cope if there was a fire or flood at your premises? What about if your building was broken into and your documents were stolen or damaged? Businesses have been known to fold permanently following such devastating events.

Document scanning and document management software gives you a fully secure way of backing up all your documentation. The files themselves are backed up and cannot be destroyed and damaged in the same way that paper ones can.

High quality standards

As long as you choose a contractor for your document scanning work that is reputable, you’ll have the peace of mind that your scanning will be done to high standards. You should ask prospective companies whether they follow the relevant British Standards, for example BS DISC PD0008. adhd wisconsin

You should also ask the supplier if they have testimonials, case studies and contacts from previous satisfied customers, especially customers who operate in a similar field to you or that have similar needs.

Tailor the service to your exact business needs

Document scanning services should not be a one-size-fits-all approach. A good contractor will offer you a service that meets your needs. For example, documents can be collected from your place of business and taken away for scanning, or alternatively, professionals can scan at your workplace.

You can request for your documents to be securely destroyed post-scanning if necessary and help is also available with the sorting, stacking and packing of your documentation to be scanned.



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