Hollywood Diets – Are They Really Good For Weight Loss?

“Hollywood diets and celebrity diets are just synonyms for starvation” –Unknown


You can’t get past them in the rack at the grocery store with the latest weight loss tally some starlet has wracked up using her new, instant, slimming weight loss plan. Lets get real, these Hollywood diets are about selling the tabloid they are in and not giving you a permanent solution to your weight loss problems. hollywoodfoodstyling

Starlets don’t really go one these Hollywood diets because, unlike yourself, they can afford to hire the best dietitians, chefs, and trainers in the business. They just lend their name to it so you will buy the magazine or the diet that is promising you nearly instant weight loss. palosverdeslifestyle

Looking Deeper Into Hollywood Diets

First of all these diets are all based on losing as much weight as you can as fast as you can.¬†What’s wrong with that, you ask? For starters, when weight comes of fast it is usually just water loss. If you continue to rapidly lose weight past the water loss you are probably losing lean muscle tissue. Since lean muscle is 4 times as dense as fat, you lose more weight, but you are also losing tissue that fight’s fat. That is right, lean muscle tissue fights fat and most Hollywood diets fight muscle tissue.

The second thing that happens is your body begins to cut its metabolism because it thinks you are starving which may not be to far from the truth. The bad thing about this scenario is that once you stop Hollywood diets and resume your normal eating habits, you will gain weight faster than ever before and more than ever before because of your reduced metabolism.

Steady Is Better

Rather than waste your time and money on Hollywood diets, you would do better to make your weight loss goals around 2 pounds a week. This allows your body to keep track of your weight loss and reset its “fat thermostat” at the new body weights you achieve each week.

Hollywood diets usually do nothing to teach you about nutrition, portion size and reasons you are overweight in the first place. Without this knowledge you are doomed to return to your fat weight the minute you get off the diet. You need a plan to drop dieting from your life for good and Hollywood diets do not do this for you.

You Know Already

Look, if you have used Hollywood diets from magazines or ordered them through the mail or internet then you already know I am right. How many have you been on and here you are still looking for the next one. Quit throwing your cash at these useless plans and instead find a weight management plan that will release you from dieting for the rest of your life. For more info Please visit these site:-  https://www.stephenfrazee.com

Find a plan that teaches you about nutrition and helps you think about how you became overweight in the first place and why you are overweight now. Find a diet plan that teaches you healthy ways to deal with food. There are ones that allow you to have free days or meals where you can eat as you please and still lose weight and improve your nutrition all at the same time. Do yourself a favor and next time you are in the check out at the grocery store, look the other way.




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