Coping With Stress on a Busy Day – Useful Stress Management Tips to Minimize Your Stress

Dealing with stress is a problem that every person must endure. If you are human you will have stress, this much is true; but the more a person can minimize the effects of stress ahead of time, the better your chances of successful daily living. A better quality life is what we are all are in search of. Think about these highly useful stress tips when your days are too busy! thebusinessdays

•Plan and Prioritize. Planning your day is one of the very first things you can do to battle the impending pressure that will come that day. Make a list of things you will have to complete and assign numbers to them based on their importance. This will lead to a clear picture of what to expect and give your mind clarity before you even begin your tasks.

•Time Management. When planning out what your day will look like, think smart. Sometimes, tasks can be completed simultaneously – “killing two birds with one stone” as they say. Once you have your numbered list of tasks, adjoin tasks that can be completed at the same time. Then, assign a specific period of time it will take to complete it. For example, #1 on your list is going to the doctor and #5 is to call your mom to discuss Christmas. Join together both. It will look like this… Go to the doctor. In waiting room, call Mom about Christmas – 1.5 hours. Thinking smart in how you spend your time can drastically reduce the amount of time your attentions are needed and as a result – your stress levels! bareng88

•Keep Breathing, Eating and Drinking! Do not forget the all too important tasks of maintaining your physical health. It is very easy to ignore these things on a packed day thus setting yourself up for tension and weakness. Our bodies can function physically, mentally and emotionally much better with proper hydration, nutrients and very vital oxygen. Take the time you need to sit and spend a small amount of time to eat, drink and breathe. This will clear your mind and help you focus on what has been done and what still needs completion. storygame

•Take Time to Relax. Time for you to clear your thoughts and relax is crucial in planning a day with minimized stress levels. Do not forget to add this in your list of things to accomplish. A small amount of time 2-3 times a day to rejuvenate will heighten your coping skills and your mind and bodies ability in dealing with stress. Whether it is a 20-minute nap or stretching and having a coffee, whatever your relaxing activity is – just do it. You need this time to restore your sanity and energy levels. sportsyearly



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