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Printer is one of the two most widely used computer output accessories, the other being the computer monitor. It is basically an electronic device, which receives text and graphic files from a computer and reproduces on a physical media like paper or film. It could be connected to computer directly or through a network. Printers, techpiled while used as local peripherals, are connected to a computer though a printer cable or USB cable. Some printers are used as network printers. Network printer are equipped with built in network interfaces like Ethernet cards. Nowadays printer have been launched in the market which could be directly interfaced to electronic devices,such as scanner, memory cards and digital cameras. Sometimes the functionality of printer is incorporated into a fax machine or a scanner and the integrated device can perform the operations of photocopier. Printers with non printing features are known as multifunction printers. Most of such printers are capable of scanning and copying in addition to printing.

Printing Methods 

There are multiple types of printers are available in the market. Printer categorization is done based on the technology used by the particular printer. In the last few decades, several printing technologies,such as Laser printing technology, Inkjet printing technology, Thermal printing technology, Dot matrix printing technology and many more have been invented. realisticmag

Laser Printing Technology

Laser printing technology uses xerographic printing process. This technology is known for generating graphics and texts of very high quality. In this process, a rotating photosensitive drum, known as photoreceptor, is charged. Then the laser diodes transfer the image to the photoreceptor. As the surface containing the image is exposed to the toner, the image is generated. The next step is to move the photoreceptor over the paper. A fuser assembly applies heat and pressure to glue the plastic powder to the paper.

Inkjet Printing Technology

Using this technology, inkjet printers eject ink drops from the nozzle and directs the ink drops to the physical print media like paper.

Solid Ink Printing Technology

Solid ink printers, a special variety of thermal transfer printers, employ solid stick of colored ink, which are liquified and directed into a piezo crystal operated print-head. The print-head ejects the ink on a revolving drum that is oil coated. The paper then moves over the drum, during which the text or image in printed on the paper. mommasays

Dye Sublimation Printing Technology

This technology utilizes heat to eject dye onto the physical print media. The dye is piled on a cellophane ribbon which contains each color on a separate panel. During the printing process, the printing drum moves over the paper and one of the colored panels under a thermal printing head. Small heating components on the print head vary the temperature quickly, which results in ejection of different quantities of dyes on the paper based on the amount of heat applied.

Thermal Printing Technology

Using this technology, an image is generated by heating a coated thermal paper when it moves over a thermal print head. A thermal printer consists of thermal head, platen, spring and controller boards. The thermal paper is placed in between the thermal head and the platen. The printer applies electrical energy to the heating components on the thermal head which results in heat generation. The heat activates the thermo s ensitive coloring layer of the thermal paper, which changes color on those places where heat is generated. For more Info please visit these sites:-

Computer Support For Printers

Printer is an essential part of business works today. If the printer starts malfunctioning when an important business process is going on, it could halt the entire process, which could result in huge losses. In such an eventuality, it is advisable to take the help of a network support provider. Several printer problems which occur frequently are spooling, paper jam, driver malfunctioning,smearing,etc. A common user may not be familiar with such countless problems and their diagnosis. An experienced Computer support provider’s solution could come handy in getting rid of printer problems.



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